"I've been a Gold's Gym member for about Four years now and just started working out with Randy a couple of months ago. I have seen more results in my physique in those two months than I have in the Four years of training on my own. He has taught me that with patience, a healthy diet, and lots of hard work you can obtain the results you are looking for!     Thanks Randy!"                 
-Your Friend, Andrew Montgomery
"I thought that I was somewhat knowledgeable about nutrition and fitness. I was eating wholesome food, and was active every single day, but I wasn't getting anywhere near my goals.
Randy has given me the education that I was lacking about nutrition (content and frequency) as he has taught me about proper form in the gym. I have learned the importance to push through the pain at every single workout, and none of the 25 sessions we have done together have been alike.
I still have a long way to go, but I am down 7% body fat in 9 weeks. I am very grateful for Randy's coaching. Not your typical clip-board trainer."

-Sofie Margulis, Chandler AZ
"Being Miss Arizona USA means more then looking great in a swimsuit--it also means feeling great on the inside. I can honestly say that Randy played a huge role in helping me look and feel my best. When I was standing on that stage I felt the happiest and the healthiest I had ever felt in my entire life--and Randy had a lot to do with that. He has taught me so many life lessons that exist outside of the gym and I am forever in debt to his unwavering support throughout my journey. This crown is just as much his and it is mine...only, I don't think it would go with his hairstyle."
-Alicia Monique Blanco, Miss Arizona USA 2009
"I began training with Randy a few days before Christmas 2008, and at 38 it was tough. After 8 years of sporadic exercising, I surely thought this step would be impossible, but Randy has encouraged me to dig deep within. He takes his time explaining the training techniques, always finds a way to keep you going, although he is tough, he makes it fun to work out. Thanks Randy, you have given me the tools for staying healthy, clearing my mind and giving me the energy to keep up with my 7 year old son."
-Laura Smith-Foster, BSM Director
"I started training with Randy in August 08 and still train with him today. I have had tremendous changes to my body and the way I feel. He is not easy, he continues to push me to the max even on days I am not training with him. He has dedicated himself to help me reach my goals. Randy calls or text me everyday to make sure I am doing my cardio and eating well. I have lost 25 pounds and 4 pant sizes. I have never been able to stick to working out on a daily basis until I started training with Randy. He motivates me and makes sure I stay on track with my workouts."

-Carol Ann Cunningham

To BYB-- Over two years and 85 pounds lost. Thank you for helping me change my life, it's been a great journey!

-Ruby Flores 
"I have recently started personal training with Randy and I am very happy with the progress. He is encouraging and helps me stay accountable. I can't wait to see the end result."

-S. Garrett

Turning your life around through fitness. Like building a good house. First comes the foundation, (commitment) then brick by brick (the discipline to show up day after day) the house begins to take shape.
It's been a little over 7 months since Randy and I worked out together in Gold's. About six weeks ago I thought I peaked out. (And I was okay with it, a lot to be grateful for) But I kept showing up, day in and day out, and guess what? That's right, I've hit another level of muscle quality. It's pretty amazing, and I'm not only talking about what I look and feel like now, but to know that if I keep my mind right, sky's the limit.
Thanks again for being you.

Thank you so much for letting me speak to your clients.  They are wonderful people and are fortunate to have such a dedicated trainer.  It is wonderful to work with someone who shares my passion for helping others achieve better health and fitness.  I had a great time and hope that I lived up to your expectations for the day.  Hopefully this is the start of many things to come.  I certainly would love to learn from you and pick your brain more, so next time lunch is on me:)  Take care and thanks again!

Tiffany Divelbiss
Scottsdale Nutrition Coach
It's been a pleasure being a part of the BYB Family for over a year now. I have seen tremendous gains in muscle and fat loss thanks to Randy. Thank you for pushing me to no limit and will always appreciate motivation to work hard! Get results!

-Ryan Doyle
Just want to thank you for holding this event. It was really cool to see and meet so many people with the same interest. The overwhelming response on how great a person you are is also neat. So much info and knowledge
was shared and appreciated. Thank you for asking about my situation I'm thankful to see your concern, things are at a limbo but afloat.  Again thanks man for taking 5 mins to hear me out that day with my question and for being a positive role model and inspiration for people who need one.

David Paez

Turning 50 and I'm in the best shape I've been since my 20s. All the hard work is paying off. Thanks again!